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Payment by cash or bank transfer, no VAT.  Euros are accepted

LAPL medical prices are here, Cabin Crew medical prices are here

Class 1 or ATCO renewal - £180

Class 1 / 2 or ATCO return to fitness - £80

Class 2 initial (including ECG recording) - £240

Class 2 renewal - £160

ECG recording - £20

ECG cardiologist reporting (for all ECG recordings that are not "acceptable machine read") - £40

Audiogram for Class 1 / ATCO or PPL IR add £20

Class 1 / 3 referral to Authority Medical Section of the CAA (includes subsequent administrative work) - £120

Since 2016 AME's have been responsible for all administrative work for medicals that are not issued on the day or for reviewing outstanding medical reports. This work was previously done by the CAA. There is a charge not exceeding £80 per hour for this "casework". It is helpful to let me know at the time of booking if there is any known medical history or if you have been ill since your last medical so that medical reports can be obtained and checked before you come for your medical. This will avoid casework fees

There is a supplementary charge for a weekend booking of £40

No charge for DVLA professional driving medical if done at the same time as a Class 1 or Class 2 medical