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The Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL) Medical

In September 2012 the LAPL licence was introduced to replace the NPPL

The prices for the LAPL medical vary according to the degree of additional work required

LAPL medical for pilots who are within 12 months of expiry of a medical performed by me - £120

LAPL medical new to me who has not been refused a LAPL, JAA or EASA medical certificate - £140

LAPL medical referral from a G.P. or where a LAPL, JAA or EASA certificate has been previously refused - £220 (includes examination, ECG where indicated and administration)

If the certificate cannot be issued on the day a charge of £80 per hour will be made for administrative "casework". It is helpful for any known medical history to be made available at the time of booking so that medical reports, if needed, can be obtained before the medical to avoid casework fees